HIIT & Boxing

No resolutions, just Knock Outs. Intense shadowboxing and guided mitt work, paired with elements of interval training and body weight exercises, promise a grueling full body workout. Enjoy this intense workout that involves running drills, mobility exercises, and core exercises. Start with a foundation of strength training exercises, add in a dose of speed and agility exercises, and finish with flexibility and coordination drills to recover and restore your body. We will also have an intense shadowboxing and guided mitt work session, paired with elements of interval training and body weight exercises. This is a great class for those looking to strengthen the body while getting a great cardio workout! See you Wednesday! P.S. PLEASE NOTE: 1. If you don’t want a super-toned body this class is not for you 2. All of our events involve running and exercise that may cause injury – you participate at your own risk. 3. Images and videos may be captured during our events. By participating in our events, you agree that photos & videos of you may be published online: on our Facebook page, website, Instagram account or other media and publicity material.  

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